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Parcel and Food Delivery

Apr 24, 2020

  • Please try to limit the numbers of parcels you order (Update #4)
  • Ordinary parcel delivery is being maintained as usual, but if you are self-isolating, advise the Concierge by phone or email so they can assist by having parcels delivered to outside your door (Update #1)
  • Woolworths and Coles are working within guidelines and these deliveries will continue at the moment (Update #4).
  • UberEats or other food deliveries: you must personally meet the delivery. The delivery person cannot come into the building and the Concierge cannot deliver these to your door. Exception: self-isolators (Update # 4)
  • Orders from local restaurants: you will need to collect it from the restaurant itself, or at the entrance to The Pier. Exception: self-isolators (Update #4)